Nagasaki Baptist Church

1-1-4 Katafuchi Machi, Nagasaki City
Tel: 095-826-6935
Fax: 095-826-6965

Pastor: Eun Min Cho
Administration: Kiyoka Nakamura & Hiromi Takeuchi
Music director: Natsuki Kadekaru
Gospel music director:Yuriko Nakamura

Regular meetings

Sunday 9:00~9:45am Morning Service (first service)

Sunday 10:00~10:40am Small groups (School, Bible class)

Sunday 11:02am Worship Service (second service - simultaneous English, Chinese and Korean translation available upon request)

Praise Service
3rd Saturday of each month 2:30pm

English Service
Sunday 5:00~7:00pm

Prayer meeting:Wednesday 7:30~8:30pm

Contact the church for details regarding other meetings

Nagasaki Baptist Church March 27 congregation photo
Nagasaki Baptist Church photo


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Our “7 purposes” as a church center on loving God and people.

 (Worship, education, evangelism, service, fellowship, prayer and rest)

 2016 Motto

  “Let us continue to walk by grace”

 2016 Bible verse

“.. live in a way that is worthy of the calling to which you have been called”

 (Ephesians 4. 1 ISV)