Nagasaki Baptist Church

1-1-4 Katafuchi Machi, Nagasaki City
Tel: 095-826-6935
Fax: 095-826-6965

Pastor: Eun Min Cho
Church director: Keiko Taguchi
Education director: Kiyoka Nakamura
Music director: Natsuki Kadekaru
Church staff:Hiromi Takeuchi (Hikari Sonoen daycare)

Regular meetings

Sunday 9:00~9:45am Morning Service (first service)

Sunday 10:00~10:40am Small groups (School, Bible class)

Sunday 11:02am Worship Service (second service - simultaneous English, Chinese and Korean translation available upon request)

Northern Cross (Nagayo outreach)
3rd Sunday of the month 2:30~4:00pm
Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies (CoSTa Space)

Praise Service
2nd Friday of each month 7:30pm

English Bible study & fellowship
Sunday 5:00~7:00pm

Prayer meeting:Wednesday 7:30~8:30pm

Contact the church for details regarding other meetings

Nagasaki Baptist Church Dec. 24 2017 congregation photo
Nagasaki Baptist Church photo


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Our “7 purposes” as a church center on loving God and people.

 (Worship, education, evangelism, service, fellowship, prayer and rest)

 This year's Motto

  “Keep your roots deep in Christ”

 This year's Bible verse

“Keep your roots deep in him, build your lives on him, and become stronger in your faith, as you were taught. And be filled with thanksgiving.”

 (Colossians 2.7)