Nagasaki Baptist Church

1-1-4 Katafuchi Machi, Nagasaki City
Tel: 095-826-6935
Fax: 095-826-6965

Pastor: Eun Min Cho
Administration: Mamiko Araki & Hiromi Takeuchi
Music director: Natsuki Kadekaru
Gospel music director:Yuriko Nakamura

Regular meetings

Sunday 9:00am (first service)

Sunday 11:02am (second service - simultaneous English, Chinese and Korean translation available upon request)

Choir practice
3rd Saturday of each month 3:00pm

English Service
Sunday 5:00pm

Prayer meeting:Wednesday 7:30pm

Contact the church for details regarding other meetings

Dear visitors

new chapel
 Thank you for visiting our homepage. We want to welcome you to our congregation. Everyone is welcome to participate in our Sunday service as well as our special events, such as our Christmas service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day except Mondays and holidays.

▶The History of Nagasaki Baptist Church

Baptist missionaries first started their work in Nagasaki in 1896. Nagasaki Baptist Church was founded in 1902 in order to serve God and people. In 1926 the chapel was built in Katsuyama-machi. In 1953, Nagasaki Baptist Church and Hiroshima Church received funds from Baptist churches in the southern regions of the U.S. These funds allowed us to build a new church in Katafuchi-machi, where we are currently located. Our education hall was completed in 1994. We are now hoping to build a new chapel to replace the old one, which has been used for nearly 60 years. We offer various programs for people living in the local community, including the pre-school program, Hikarinoshono; our church school for all ages; and gospel choir practices. We would like to reach out to many people and walk with them.

Nagasaki Baptist Church belongs to Japan Baptist Convention (JBC), which has about 330 churches nationwide. JBC was originally founded in 1947 to facilitate collaboration among Japan’s Baptist churches. In addition to its original mission, the JBC has also fully committed to serve the needs of local communities through education and medicine. Academic institutions founded by the JBC include Seinan Gakuin and Seinan Jo Gakuin. The JBC has also opened Japan Baptist Hospital in Kyoto.
(1905 - Sakuramachi)
(1926 - Katsuyama)
(1953- Katafuchi)